3 Actors required for new Christmas show 2018 and 2019

Fidget have been commissioned by The Civic, Barnsley and funded by Arts Council England to make a new Christmas show for family audiences.

About the show

A joyful Christmas adventure

Jack Frost is a new music-filled Christmas show about friendship and the joy of joining in. Holly, a little girl who plays the trumpet, befriends the magical winter sprite Jack Frost. Together Holly and Jack will make music, create mischief and make sure no-one is left outside this Christmas.

Who we need

Female, character is 8-10 years, actor should be 18+ with the ability to convincingly play a child.
Holly is a little girl who plays the trumpet. She is bouncy and excitable, but sometimes finds it hard to fit in. Holly is confident, inquisitive and adventurous. Experience of theatre for young audiences is desirable. Existing musical ability and willingness to learn the trumpet is essential.

Jack Frost
Male, playing age 15-25.
Jack is a mischievous sprite with magical powers who brings about winter. He is playful and boyish, and sometimes a bit wild. He befriends Holly and together they make magical music and mischief! Through the story we come to realise that Jack is lonely, and is forever on the outside looking in. Musical ability (preferably an instrument) and strong physical performance skills are essential.

Miss Evergreen
Female, playing age 30-45.
Miss Evergreen is newly appointed as the music teacher for an urban primary school in a Yorkshire town. She wants things to be ‘just so’ and feels under pressure to create a perfect, traditional Christmas concert with the school band. Musical ability and experience of audience participation are essential.

For all three roles we actively encourage applications from BAME performers

Initial auditions Tues 12 th June – London OR Thurs 14 th June – Barnsley
Re-call auditions Monday 18 th June. 10am-4pm – Barnsley

Development week 9 th – 13 th July 2018 Barnsley
Rehearsals 26 th November – 13 th December 2018 Leeds/Barnsley
Performances 14 th – 24 th December 2018 Barnsley

Re-rehearsals 25 th – 30 th November 2019 Leeds
Performances 2 nd – 24 th December 2019 Yorkshire/North East

Wages £470pw

How to apply
Please send Spotlight link or CV and headshot to by 5pm Wednesday 16th May. Please specify the character you are applying for and whether you wish to attend an initial audition in London E1 or Barnsley.