Bird's Nest Billy

Bird’s Nest Billy is an adventurous, playful show for 3-7 year olds and their grown-ups

Seen the show? Now you can play the game! To follow Billy’s curl-ossal adventure just click here

One day when his best big brother is at school and Billy has no-one to play with, a magical bird chirps out of his curly, bird’s nest hair. The bird grants him 3 wishes…

Fidget Theatre bring Billy’s fantastical wishes to life with their trademark wit and warmth. Using imaginative storytelling, puppetry and playful audience interaction Bird’s Nest Billy will delight family audiences in this unforgettable adventure.

“It had lots of parts where we could join in- we could be part of the show too, I loved that because I was an actor too.” -Year 2 pupil

Bird’s Nest Billy was funded by Arts Council England and the show’s development was supported by Barnsley Civic, Arc Stockton and Square Chapel.